In 2011 I made a decision was made to leave the job I hated in the United States and make the move to Mexico.   The plan was to teach English as a second language in Mexico.  I saved up some money bought a one way ticket and made my move.  I’ve been living in the Yucatan now for about 2 years working at home with an on-line company located in China.  A lot of things I’ve had to figure out along the way.  But, some questions still hang over my head…  For example, where do I find great art, shopping, culture, how does one make friends abroad, where can I take art class or yoga class and which church has an English speaking Sunday service if I was so inclined?  Merida is full of interesting and exciting things. The question is not if interesting things exist here in Merida.  The question is how and where to find the interesting things?  Lets start stripping the mystery away together!